Monica J. Griffith

How many times have I asked myself that question! Although my Dad is no longer with me on Earth, he is certainly with me in my heart and soul. My Dad was my biggest cheerleader and greatest coach. I always knew when he was proud of me – and when he was disappointed.

Sometimes, I think I learned my greatest coaching skill from my Dad. He was a great listener! Oh, I would babble on about what was going on in school and my latest activity. He would patiently listen to the little girl whining and not once tell me to ‘get over it’! He would say things like: it will be okay, you can get through this, what would you like to have happen, I know you can do it, you have what it takes…And always, he would say: I love you!

He was my biggest advocate. Always finding something wonderful about what I was doing and encourage me to take risks to strive for even better outcomes. I know he really didn’t understand what I was doing when I went to coaching school; even so, he asked and offered ways to market my services when I was ready to start finding clients. He would always ask me what I was learning and how I could use the teachings. Something any good coach would do!

Dad was a role model – oh, he was not perfect, by any means and he would be the first to admit that; nevertheless, he always found a way to see the bright side of life and a way to pull everything together for me and my Mother and sisters. Sometimes, the only thing my clients can see is what might be going wrong. A good coach asks the client to ‘look’ at other possibilities and what the client can ‘do’ to move in another direction.

Dad believed in family and was diligent about having ‘his girls’ become close. He was a master of selflessness – more concerned about others than himself. He often told our Mother – ‘I don’t care if the girls don’t like me, but I do what them to be close to each other’ – and we are! It is like that with coaching as well. Coaching is not about the coach! Of a Good coach, the Client will say – I have a great coach! Of a Masterful coach: Client will say – I (the client) am great!!

As close as we are, my sisters and I are very different. Dad inspired us to be ourselves and to pursue our dreams. Oh, I am certain there was gentle prodding for each of us and guiding us one way or the other. In the end, we each picked our path and he supported each of us. I know he didn’t always agree with our choice, still, we knew he was in our corner and would allow us to fall so that we could become strong. I may not always agree with the choices my clients make; however, I do respect their choices and will help them see how strong they can become.

My Dad lived a very long and incredible life. I watched him and learned from him. When I am at a cross-roads and just don’t know which way to go, I often ask: What would Daddy do? He continues to ‘coach’ me through life’s challenges. I know he was a Masterful Coach because he taught me to say “I am great!”