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Rewire 062216

Have you ever made one of those lists? You know the one….where you fold a sheet of paper in half and write Pros at the top of one side and Cons at the top of the other side.

Here is the question – which side do you fill first? If you are like many folks, the Cons side comes up first and normally has many more items. Some may be miniscule in nature, nevertheless, they are there! Do you also play my game and try to come up with as many Pros as you did Cons? Do you find it more challenging or stressful to think of the Pro that will off-set that Con? Do you do this with each Con and then as soon as you write down that great Pro, that little voice inside says “yeah, but then there is this….” leading you quickly to another Con?

What is it with that?

Are we actually wired to come up with the negatives first or is that something we have learned and carry around like an old trunk we drag behind us?

My experience is such that I can rewire and dump the trunk! Yes, it is so! Let’s explore that for a minute.

Now here is the problem I have with the saying noted above. I really cannot ‘forget’ all the reasons…and I’m not certain that I should forget. However, I definitely can set aside the reasons it won’t work – I can acknowledge they exist (because they likely do!) I can take another look at the Con and ask myself this question: Is that REALLY the TRUTH? Hmmm…really and truth? That causes me to reframe. Perhaps – just maybe – it’s not entirely true. Is it possible something else is getting in my way? Have I had that experience before and have I not learned or grown from it? Is it packed away in my trunk and now time to give that failed experience away for good? What I really see in this Con is no longer of value to me. I have moved forward and am willing to use my Voice of Wisdom to shift and see the Pro that is without a doubt pulling me forward.

Am I willing to see that this Con no longer exists – or is at least much smaller and of less significance than I once thought? Am I willing to give much more value to the Pro that will take me closer to my desired outcome?

How much energy is it costing me to focus on the ‘why it won’t work’ side of my paper? How invigorated am I when I shift the focus of my attention to ‘believe it will work’?

What is the one burning motivation I bring to what it is I am doing? I like to look at the what vs. the why.

Don’t you find that when you get to the bottom of what exactly it is that drives you…the why and how can be rationally and intelligently found!

When you believe in the what and shift to I believe it will work – I can make it happen…you engage in the power of you.

What will work? You will! Believe in you, in what you want, in what you are willing to do to make it happen.

Rewire and Dump the Trunk! Amazing things are about to become reality!