Monica J. Griffith

What does it mean to ‘be a good seeker’? I mean, who has time for that? What is Coach asking of me now – to actually go out there in the world and look for people to recognize? Am I suppose to be on a scavenger hunt, trying to find something good in someone else – and then what? Coach wants me to actually tell them, acknowledge them!

The simple answer is: Yes! It is being aware of what is going on around you and who is contributing to you, right here, right now. It really is not so difficult as it may seem!

Think about it – who do you encounter each day? The mail person, the garbage truck drivers, the young person bagging your groceries, the neighbor walking the dog, mom and dad at the park with young children, the person taking your order at the drive through – or the one giving it to you at the second window. The list goes on. I wonder how many more people you can add to the list!

Here’s the thing: I believe we are pretty good about saying thanks and maybe even adding ‘you’ and if we are really polite even adding a smile or eye contact. But let me ask you this: isn’t it more of a habit to say thanks on the way out for something someone has actually done for us?

When was the last time you sought out the mail person in appreciation of the work he/she does – particularly in the weather extremes? How about the garbage collector – ever give them a ‘thumbs-up’, wave or bag of homemade cookies? Did you ever let the person in the drive-through know how much you appreciate them working and preparing a snack/meal for you so you could get on with your busy life?

What about those who may cross our path and we don’t really get anything from them? Did you see an act of kindness, did you witness a pay-it-forward, are you aware of someone having an exceptionally good – or bad – day, did someone pick up litter or help another in some way? I’ll bet, if you look, you will see!

And what will it be like for you to acknowledge that person? I mean really acknowledge! Let them know you noticed the act or that something seems incredibly good for them or it seems they are having a rough time. What would that be like? Sit with it, for a moment. What would it be like for someone to recognize you?

Here is your ‘challenge’! Today, look for 3 people you can acknowledge – more than just ‘thank-you’ – and then, take in what that is like for you and for them. I’m betting it will warm your heart and make their day!

I’m curious – let me know what that experience is like for you! You can shoot me a quick email ( I’d love to share my experience at this with you as well!