Monica J. Griffith

I’m not really certain who coined the phrase “Lazy days of Summer” or what they could have possibly been thinking! While I love the thought of a lazy summer, everyone I know seems to amp it up a bit when the sun is shining and days are longer.

Now is the time for vacation planning, summer camp, longer days for outdoor activity, little league games, drive-in movies, picnics in the park and family reunions. I love all these activities and begin looking forward to them as soon as the calendar turns to May 1. How about you?

I am wondering – are they ‘lazy days’ because we are actually treating ourselves to things we enjoy? Is it perhaps because we delight in this time and the activities? Even though there is a great deal of preparation going on and planning to be done and schedules to navigate, is it refreshing and rewarding and do we feel a bit ‘lazy’ because we are invigorated? Maybe we feel lazy because we are spoiling and enjoying ourselves!

Now, don’t get me wrong! All these wonderful things don’t just magically appear (unless you are a kid and simply show-up!). I know the work involved in making this lazy summer happen – yet, since we so look forward to this change of pace, isn’t it something we relish?

What is it about this time of year that makes you smile and take long, slow breaths? For me, it is the sunny sky and the clouds that take on a different form in the summer time. And the kids, their laughter and screams of carefree fun. I love the smell of my neighbors grilling, especially when they are smoking some delectable treat! Don’t the leaves make a curious sound in the summer breeze? And what about those summer thunder and lightning shows and the smell of rain on a steaming blacktop road. The birds are in beautiful chorus with the cicadas, katydids and crickets. And what about those lighting bugs! Do you recall catching them in a bug box or mason jar with holes punched in the lid so they can breathe?

Do you think it is possible to take this lazy day of summer feeling with us into fall or winter?

Here is what I mean – do you think it is possible to treat ourselves all year long? What would it be like to have that ‘spoil me’ experience for 12 months rather than just of 3 or 4?

What if we delight in all our activities? What a wonderful world that would be!