Monica J. Griffith

So, you are searching the World Wide Web and you find yourself here at Guiding Light Coaching.  Welcome!  We are pleased to have you and invite you to spend a little time getting to know more about Life and Professional Coaching.

Let’s begin with what a coach is and is not.

A coach is someone who helps you:

  • See that you have much to contribute to life
  • Look at your life as a hero’s journey
  • Discover what holds meaning and purpose for you
  • Identify your core strengths and values
  • Create goals that come alive with meaning and excitement
  • Reach your goals with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Now, to help you understand what a coach is not:

  • A legal counselor
  • A medical person
  • A therapist
  • A physical trainer
  • A financial advisor.

However, a coach will support you in seeing if seeking the counsel of one of these professionals would better meet the goals you seek.

I realize this is a ‘snap-shot’ of coaching; however, my hope is that you remain curious and are willing to continue the journey with me….to see that you have much to offer and that I am here to support you.

Please, continue to browse my web-site and then, click on “Let’s Connect” to let me hear from you!

“I hope you always look up…higher and higher…and see life’s possibilities.” Lance Wubbles