Monica J. Griffith

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Make it so 031015

What do you see when it rains? What do you feel when it’s dark?
Do you see cold, exhausted and overwhelmed? Do you experience worry, doubt, fear and uncertainty?

What would it be like to see the rain as cleansing, refreshing and invigorating: to feel warm and cozy in your own skin? And of the darkness – to embrace the creativity and movement of twinkling stars as they form the magnificent constellations in a sheltering blanket of comfort.

Breathing deeply the cool moisture of the evening air as the rain refreshes our earthly bed.
Seeing clearly the possibilities of what could be – if only – and knowing that with one small sweet step forward it begins to be so. What would that be like? Would that be okay with you?

What is it about what you see and what you feel that takes you on your journey?
You are moving in the direction you choose; the course of your focus. Are you going where you have always gone? If so, are you satisfied with what you have always gotten?

If you are on the same path and still not seeing the rainbows or experiencing the stars, are you willing to shift the focus of your attention to ‘what else could there be?’

When you are ready close your eyes; breathe in; breathe out; welcome the slightest shift; create one small, sweet authentic action; take that first step and delight in what will be! You can make it so.