Monica J. Griffith

Here is what people are saying after consulting with Coach Monica:

Monica is a significant asset to our team and our clients at Mt Carmel. I have the office space next to hers and I see a genuine change in her client’s attitudes and outlooks every time she meets with them! AH 2018

Monica is definitely a “guiding light”! Her wisdom, honesty, and confidence as a coach empower her clients to push themselves well beyond what they thought was possible. Monica’s experience as a corporate leader is evident in her style; she’s an excellent communicator and brilliantly insightful. MW 2018

I’m so thankful for Monica’s help. I started a new business for the first time. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Monica was able to help me set smaller goals, by learning to do this I am more comfortable with my progress and my business is doing well. I would recommend Monica to anyone. LL 2017

Monica was a great coach! I knew Monica as a strong business leader at a previous company. I was extremely excited to find her several years later and as a business coach no less! Monica taught me the power of communication. She taught me how choose my words so they are empowering, edifying and genuine. What a great resource Monica has been to my own business! I’m so glad I got to spend time with Monica and learn from one of the best! MB 2017

Thank you so much for your valuable time in our coaching session! It was so beneficial for me to hear your feedback and guidance in my road-block and stuck mode. Your insight has propelled me forward to working on issues that I need to resolve in order to move forward! DP 2016

Monica assisted me when I became a new leader…This year long coaching relationship with Monica proved to be one of the best decisions of my career and I believe my associates would second that statement. I cannot promote Monica and her experience enough. If you realize you have room to grow, Monica will take you to the promised land! DN 2016

Monica is a wonderful coach! I had the pleasure of guidance during my transition from a Lead to a Supervisor and it made a huge difference in my confidence and allowed me to change my perspective on my thought process. SM 2015

I realized that I have been ‘winging it’ and not preparing well. I see it really helps to explain the ‘why’; I see how the entire plan (A-Z) works and not just the end (Z) and how fast I can get there. I appreciate all C2C has helped me with: the need to focus on self-development, I see the shadow I cast and how it reflects back. RW 2014

As I look through my notes and Authentic Actions, I am very proud of getting out of my comfort zone, being vulnerable, taking risks, being decisive. I confess to being very skeptical in the beginning of C2C, but now I share with my team the benefits of the program. They have noticed a change in my leadership – they all want to coach with Coach Monica too! VK 2014

Regarding the C2C program: To be completely honest with you I was a little hesitant at first. I have been through coaching programs prior to this that haven’t been as organized and didn’t have the structure that this program has in place…Monica is an awesome coach! I truly learned a lot about myself as a professional…. Professionalism, confidence, Monkey Mind, letting go/moving forward. I took away things that I never thought of or learned in my 5 year career here. KB 2014

When faced with a career decision several years ago, Monica encouraged me to look at both opportunities in depth, but to head in the direction my heart was leading. Since making that decision, I have had the privilege of obtaining my dream job helping special needs children obtain their academic goals. CH 2013

Just wanted to thank you for lifting my spirits the other evening…you turned things around and helped me stay in the present and move forward…I realize now how I can take steps to move forward. CH 2012

Monica, I am looking forward to this call.  I know you will provide that jumpstart I need to revitalize my efforts on those New Year’s goals I made! CL 2012

Thank you so much for the call….we soaked in a lot…we are definitely going to work on our individual goals as well as family goals. RC 2012

Thank you Monica… you mentioned 2 points…major breakthroughs for me in setting career goals and belief in me.  Every time I bring these points to mind I will think of you and be very grateful. RH 2011

Monica assisted me in transitioning from a demanding CIO position into retirement. She is proficient in guiding you through complicated life choices. She has a mastery of the tools and excellent rapport which helps you recognize and overcome barriers to your success. I highly recommend Monica to assist you through both career and life choices. It’s amazing when you can shed that stress by taking positive action! CL 2009

In my 30 years of leadership experience I don’t think I have ever worked with anyone that was more positive and encouraging. Monica has great insight into what makes an individual tick. She is very patient and is able to help employees and leaders bring out the best in themselves and reach their goals and dreams. SL 2009