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Monthly Archives: March 2016

I Will...032116

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal. I often think of each change of season as a fresh canvas on which to begin to paint the rest of my story! I particularly enjoy that first day of Spring – shedding the winter blues, the cold and sometimes the isolation that winter brings. I look forward to the smell of fresh grass, planting new flowers, watching the trees produce the first buds of the season and waking to the sound of chirping newborns in the trees outside my bedroom window. How special is it that we are given a new morning to refresh our spirit.

Another new beginning! Another day to do what brings me hope and joy! This is yet another wonderful opportunity for us to revisit the ‘I will’ statements that guide us along this incredible journey we call Life.

I will worry less – easy to say; however, sometimes challenging in practice! If I worry less, what is it I am doing more? Worry is, according to Merriam-Webster, to think about problems or fears. When I choose to worry less – I choose calmness, certainty, sureness, confidence. Yes, I choose confidence! Much better than worry, wouldn’t you agree?

Stress less, let’s see how this is defined: a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc. Interesting! When I choose confidence over worry, it makes sense that my stress would be less! There would be ease and relaxation. So far, I like these ideas. Are you with me?

Hurry less is the next ‘less’ I am willing to do without. To hurry is: to move, act, or go quickly. With less hurry, there is more calm, quiet, rest and slowing. Are you seeing a pattern here? I am!

With less worry, stress and hurry in my day, I’ll experience more calmness, certainty, confidence, relaxation, quiet and rest. That sounds like a great beginning to a day – or season – or life.
This certainly opens to door to more laughter and merriment, to more prayer and spirituality and to more hugs and cuddles.

Now, the $100,000. question – how do I accomplish these brilliant ways of ‘being’?

The first step is become aware of the worry, stress and hurry. Once I am aware the question to ask is this: What is more interesting? Worry or confidence; stress or ease; hurry or calm. The answer to each is simple and now step two is to shift the focus of my attention to what is more interesting. To look to where I am heading – what is the object of my fascination that draws me toward laughter, prayer and hugs?

That is much more interesting! I choose to welcome this Spring Season with the embrace of what is possible. And, all things are possible when we choose ‘I will’.