Monica J. Griffith

Monthly Archives: September 2016


What a glorious day! Have you ever experienced one of those days when you just knew it was going to be spectacular? I think when we are aware and sense the signs of things to come; we look forward with certain anticipation. Then, good things come our way!

Let me share with you how this happened for me today.

I had an early rising – even before the sun- so that I could be at my volunteer job a bit early to help with the big event. You see, I volunteer at a Veterans Center and today we are acknowledging Patriot’s Day with the community donating food and personal items for our military families and veterans. So, I am the only person at the Center front desk. I wanted to be sure I had all the details for the day as I would be on my own.

Coffee was so delightful to start my day! As I headed out my driveway, a school bus passed, the driver was rocking to the music and he gave me a big wave. Someone else is having a good day!

About 5 minutes into my drive, I spotted a hot-air balloon floating so gracefully surrounded by billowy white clouds. You know, it just made me smile! I took a deep breath and recalled the wonderful experience I had several years ago in Sedona AZ., when my sisters and I celebrated my birthday floating over the Red Rocks.

As I continued my drive, I came upon a bit of road repair – pot-hole and resurfacing. Now this is rush hour, on a highway. What I noticed is how the drivers seemed to take it in stride and we continued to flow traffic in an orderly and patient manner.

A few miles ahead, I am in awe of the splendor of Pikes Peak – standing so regal, the sun brilliantly reflecting off the Fall mountainside. Sometimes I just want to pull into a parking lot or off on a side street to take in this magnificent view!

And now I am driving through town, nearly to my destination with only a few more stop lights ahead. Stopped at a light, I watch as the workers with Starbucks and lunch bags and computer bags in tow, hustle off in their morning routines. Patiently waiting for the light to change, I am once again caught breathless – in awe of the beauty and splendor. A flock of about 15 geese – in a V formation – gently lift off from the pond I just passed! They were only about 10 feet over my car and I could hear them honking to cheer their leader on!

Does it get any better than this? I have not even arrived at my destination and already, what a magnificent day!

I must be truthful with the remainder of my story! I am so grateful for the wonderful drive to the volunteer center – as I needed to pause and reflect on the beautiful morning several times throughout the day.

I was incredibly busy in answering calls and directing our veterans and military families to the site for picking-up their boxes. I was so blessed to have the privilege of talking to them and thanking them for their service and sacrifice. They were so grateful to the community for supporting them – not only in service to our country, but also with the incredible donations of food and personal items.

I could have become very flustered with all the activity and no one at the Center to support me. The veterans and military could have been very frustrated at needing to make calls, get directions and make an extra stop. None of this happened. There was simply a sense of gratitude, appreciation, support, kindness and joy.

Are you ready for a spectacular day? Are you willing to become aware and awake to sense the signs of things to come? Make it a glorious day!