Monica J. Griffith

Once again, we have ‘Sprung Forward’ and lost another hour. Yes, it is now Daylight Saving Time and for many of us this is seen as just another disruption to our day (or week!).

I like when the clocks change. It’s another hint of more light in my day and for some reason, I think that gives me more time to do what needs to be done. I know, it’s a mind-fake, and still, it does give me a renewed burst of energy.

Many do not see it this way. I’m not sure if it is the chore of changing the clocks or maybe they don’t like the fact it is light outside later in the evening or darker in the morning making it harder to get going. One thing is for certain – if you live in an area that is ruled by Daylight Saving Time, your schedule needs to adjust!

Time-management. I have always been curious about the thought of actually managing time. It cannot be done, at least as far as I can comprehend. Each day has 24 hours (plus or minus one during the change to and from DST). Each hour has 60 minutes and each minute gives us 60 seconds. How can one possibly assume to ‘time-manage’? It is what it is and to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to manage how time is!

However, I do see there is a way to manage how I utilize the time I’ve been given. I get the same amount as everyone else on Earth. And, my time ticks at the same rate as yours. Am I right on this? So, why don’t we call it ‘Time-Utilization’? This is a much more powerful term for me and it really gets to the point of what is actually going on here.

My clients often bring to coaching the problem of time-management. What they soon discover is a lack of focus and or direction. The limit of 24 hours in the day is not the concern; rather it is the efficient and effective utilization of these hours that is the conundrum!

People often spend their energy on things that can be completed quickly, easily or in auto-pilot. They set aside (or completely ignore) the activities that might be seen as hard, long, cumbersome, distasteful or challenging. Another obstacle is they may often try to accomplish more than is realistic – bite of more than they can chew, so-to-speak! Then, discouragement sets in and they become distracted by one of the easy or seemingly more enjoyable tasks. Or worse yet, they may just give up. Suddenly, they realize ‘time has gotten away’ from them and they now label themselves poor at managing time!

Nope! It is really just a few things:
• Being very clear, purposeful and intentional about what is important;
• Seeing meaning and relevance in the action to be taken or task to be done;
• Doing what I said I would do, when I said I would do it;
• Celebrating all accomplishments – no matter how small.

Creating the life you’ll love to live in each of the 24 hours you are given calls for you to be the pilot of the flying-time-machine.

You are in control (not time) – what are you going to do; where are you going to fly; how far and high are you willing to take this journey?