Monica J. Griffith

Guiding Light Coaching Mission Statement:

The mission of Guiding Light Coaching is in working with individuals ready for a personal or professional breakthrough; looking to ‘overcome overwhelm’ and live the life they’ll love. We do this by focused goal setting, creating authentic outcomes, and managing personal structures of knowing.

Contact Us –

Here are a few reasons people contact a Life and Professional Coach:

  • I want to take time out to honestly assess my life;
  • I see that I can make some life changes and would like some support;
  • I’m not sure you can help and want to book a 30 minute free consultation;
  • I want to learn more about your seminars for my place of work;
  • I am curious about how you can help me.

There are many more!

If you are curious, click the link below and let me know how I can support you in making your dreams a reality.

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