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Note to Self 081813

We are rounding down summer, a time to prepare for children returning to school, the coming of fall and another change of seasons. I find this is a good time to reflect, to look back on where we have come from, what course corrections are needed to take us further on our life’s journey.

How has your year reflected your life’s goals? Are you moving toward the life you’d love to live? Take a moment and really look. Is it time to turn it up a notch or dial it back to become more successful? It’s okay, either way! Remember, it’s YOUR goal and you have the power to choose your direction and focus.

What has been your focus for the last few months? Sometimes, it’s simply recovering from vacations, summer breaks, keeping children occupied and now, perhaps, sending someone off to college! Coming up might be rearranging schedules, adding school functions and homework to your evening mix.

Breathe…sometimes this is when the word ‘overwhelmed’ comes tumbling off your tongue!
Whether it was a ‘best laid plan’ for the summer that has drifted into oblivion or those upcoming menial tasks that pull you down, it seems to drain all your energy – leaving you with only ‘overwhelmed’.

Life is a journey … it is an uncompleted series of events that, like a fall garden, needs continuing observation and consistent tending – watchful for weeds that spring up to take the last of your fragrant flowers or hearty vegetables down the path of overgrown weeds. The fruits of your labor are precious – just as the journey of your life.

Breathe…set aside the ‘overwhelm’ for just a moment and look. Look deep inside…where have you been…where are you going…what is one small, sweet step you are willing to take today to celebrate the journey of your life in this moment?

Welcome to Today!

It is so easy to look back – we have already lived that experience! How do we move from chastising ourselves on what was and focus on what could be? Woulda, coulda, shoulda….does that sound familiar to you? It does to me! If only I woulda…. I know that I coulda…. Darn-it, I shoulda… Have you had enough of that? I know I have!
So – just how do we move forward? How do we look out the windshield instead of the rear view mirror? What is it that keeps calling us back to where we were and quieting the possibilities of what could be? Close your eyes….breathe….now – open and look at what is surrounding you, right now, at this very moment! Breathe and take another look. Do you see them? The possibilities of what could be? What is more interesting to you – – where you have been…or where you are going? Hmmm….Are you ready? The present is here now and the future is only small sweet steps away! You are prepared, supplied with your experiences, the knowledge and skills already acquired. You know what not to do, say and how not to be! You are stronger and wiser and now, ready to move forward, with focus and clarity and ease and yes, with grace. Welcome to today!

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Letting go is sometimes one of the most challenging actions I take. And yet, when I find that heavy feeling – you know, the one that seems to drag you down – I look to see what I am holding and the weight. I look for what I am holding that is out of my control to change. It is very interesting that those things I cannot control have such control over me! I am thinking about that person who seems to always have a criticism, or the person who sees (and shares) only what is wrong, or the one who is constantly looking for gossip. No, I cannot change these things in these people; nevertheless, I can let go – walk away – and gravitate to the people who fill my world with wonder! How about you? Are there something’s you need to let go of…walk away from? Take a look!! Who or what can you bring forth into your life, right now, who will fill your world? My guess is – you will also fill theirs!