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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Coaching champions! 012015

I have been having such a grand time these past few months! I have had the opportunity to provide executive level coaching to 19 leaders – from San Antonio, Texas to Gainesville, Florida. Entry level leaders who would not normally have a chance to participate in such a program of support. We are now at the end of a ‘proof of concept’ on a program I designed and implemented. While I am sad to see this series end, I am full of joy and gratitude for what these courageous leaders have accomplished.

Each leader approached the program with curiosity – what would it be like to spend an hour on the phone talking about their personal and professional challenges; how could this time be incorporated into their already overwhelming schedule; what would they talk about; how much additional work would this become….

While tentative at first, these gutsy leaders quickly realized their untapped potential. They have come out of “auto-pilot” and created authentic actions toward achieving their goals. In the 12 weeks of the program, these leaders have created study plans to complete business related course-work; taken and passed continuing education tests; facilitated difficult conversations with their direct reports and with their managers; created surveys requesting feedback on their individual performance and behavior; created time management plans to improve their individual efficiency; initiated peer conversations for improved working relationships; researched and discovered development paths for enhanced career growth; practiced stress relief and improved health and wellness. Oh, the list goes on – but I think you probably understand the impact!

And now, we are at the end of our program. It has been an honor and privilege to support these spirited leaders, these champions, these heroes on their journey! I am so very grateful for the time we have had together.

Personal note to 19 incredible leaders: I thank each of you for allowing me to participate in your dreams! I wish you all the very best in your journey.