Monica J. Griffith

Have you ever felt so ‘caught-up’ in what either has been or what is yet to come that you have lost sight of the present moment? Sometimes, I have absolutely no idea what day it is because I’m so involved in planning what is next. Do you know what I mean? And then, at the end of the day, I’m grousing because I didn’t get anything of substance completed. I am so quick to say: Where did the day go? Has that ever happen to you? Gosh, I hope I’m not alone in this!

I once attended (then facilitated) a seminar in which one of the modules was “BE HERE NOW!” ( Learning to be in the present moment is such a clarifying experience. Albeit, at times not such a joyous one. Nevertheless, when we are in that moment and we breathe in the essences of who we are and what is happening around us, we have the unique chance to actually BE who we said we were going to be.

I think first, we need to answer the question: what is it like to not be truly present? Have you ever been with someone who is not there? How about this – have you ever been with someone and YOU were not there? Have you ever ‘checked-out’ of a meeting? Have you ever been at home but your brain is still at the office?

My guess is that you can call to mind at least one time for each of the questions when the answer would be yes. How has that been working for you?

Chances are the motivation to fully participate is lacking. With our minds absent to the event or other person we lose the benefits of listening, growing, learning, teaching and sharing. What does that do for the quality of living the life you’ll love? What are you missing out on – do you know?

I can hear you saying: Ok, Coach! Now that you have got my attention on Be Here Now – how do I do it?

President Harry Truman spoke of quieting his mind and being more creative in his “personal foxhole.” I love that he said ‘quiet his mind’, because that is exactly what can be done to become present. You see, the mind is a very curious machine. If the mind is not interested (or believes it is not interested) in what is surrounding it, the mind simply diverts to something more interesting! Sounds simple, right? And, it is; however, sometimes what the minds redirects itself to may not be in YOUR best interest!

Becoming aware and awake to what is going on in that mind of yours is essential to Be Here Now. That is the first step. Next is to consciously shift to the here and now – to take a deep breath and state (quietly!) I am more interested in (name what is before you at the moment). Finally, to see the value added in the balance and relationships created, of the peace of mind and calm in being in this moment and of listening – I mean truly listen without planning your response or passing judgment.

Be Here Now. The past is past – it’s gone. The future is not yet here. Now is what determines the future and I know you want to give NOW your all so your future is all you dream it can be.