Monica J. Griffith

Yes! 031514

Last December, on my 60th birthday, I declared 2014 ‘my’ year. I wasn’t exactly certain what that meant – and frankly, I can say I am still not sure; however, I do know this is my year! I feel it in my bones. One could say that things are falling into place for me and that I am finding joy in doing and being 60. My dad always said ‘the decades are the best’ – he should know as he lived past 9 decades! I suppose I have always looked forward to these birthdays because I recall his words. Is it possible that because I am looking forward to these decade years that I tend to enjoy them more? Or, is it possible that because I am looking forward I see more clearly – see what could be – see what I can still achieve? Hmmm…interesting thought. I think I have come to that place in my life where I am more free to say ‘yes’ to the things I really want to experience. The voice of fear is quieter now – at least the voice that once held me in check and interrupted forward movement.

There is a quote that I have come to love – that really speaks to me as I delight in the decade of 60: “For everything that has been I say, ‘Thank you.’ To all that is yet to be, I say, ‘Yes!’” – Dag Hammarskjold, Second Secretary-General of the UN.

I don’t have a crystal ball or any special powers. What I do have is the capacity to say ‘yes’ and to take a step toward the future. It is a very exciting place, the unknown! There is nothing certain about it. It is unfamiliar and stimulating; interesting and inciting. How grateful I am for new experiences. What is right in front of me is something I have not yet come through. It is all new and exciting.

The only thing asked of me – at this moment – is to keep my eyes open, to keep moving forward, to say ‘yes’ to whatever and whomever crosses the path on which I walk.

What could be better than that?