Monica J. Griffith

What is your Story  011614

Congratulations! You did it! You welcomed a New Year – and you are looking toward the future and all the wonder life has in store for you!

What are your plans and goals and dreams for 2014? Do you have a very clear picture of what December 31, 2014, looks like for you? What are you doing to make it so?

I am an expert at creating pictures of what will be…in my mind! However, I sometimes struggle with bringing those dreams to reality. Sound familiar? I recently put my dreams to paper. Yes, I actually sat at the computer, put on some of my favorite Yanni music, lit the candle and placed my fingers on the keyboard. And then…nothing! What would I say that wouldn’t sound silly? What would people think if they read my dreams? I don’t think it will be ‘good enough’. Oh the conversations I had with myself – all that self-limiting chatter that gets in the way when I am up to something big.

Then, I began to write my ‘story’ – to write my picture of what the end of this year looks like for me. I didn’t edit it; I didn’t care if anyone else ever read my story, because, after all, it is my story! I just began to write. I imagined it was New Year’s Eve, 2014, and I was reflecting on my year. How great to ‘begin with the end in mind’, as Stephen Covey taught us! What are the luscious moments I reflect upon at year’s end? What would it be like to look back on my year, with no regrets – to be able to say: Wow! That was the best year ever!

It took me several hours over the course of a long weekend to put the pictures of my mind on paper. Ahhh! Finished – or so I thought!

So, now that I have this amazing picture recorded in words on paper – and it is very clear – now what? Well, it’s not just going to happen because I wrote it down; however, it is going to be in front of me…constantly reminding me of my dream. The answer to ‘now what?’ is take a step – a small sweet step. I shared my story with someone I know will not only support me in achieving my dream, but will also hold me accountable to doing what I said I would do! I have already begun my 2014 journey – – – on my way to living the life I’ll love to live!!

How about you? Are you willing to create your ‘story’ for 2014? The pages are blank…what will your tomorrow hold?