Monica J. Griffith

Are you a ‘list maker’?

I have always been very consistent in making lists of things I need to do. And often, I carry many things over to the next day and so on, until they are no longer things I ‘need’ to do or it’s too late!

One thing I noticed as I was reviewing several of my old To-Do Lists is just what this quote is saying: What really matters in life is rarely on my daily “to-do” list.

I listed things such as: pick up cleaning; get cat food; weed the front yard; call the heating and air guy; pay bills; write an article for the web; schedule pedicure…

How about you? Are you listing tasks that need to be done so life remains in order? Is that really what is important and is completing those activities really going to take to you live the level of life you will love?

I am ready to make a change in my ‘to-do’ list. As of today (no time like now to start a new habit!) for every task I note on my list, I am adding a source of pleasure! For example after my task of ‘get cat food’, I’m adding ‘5-minute dream vacation’; after schedule pedicure my list includes ‘listen to favorite song on Pandora’. I don’t know – what do you think? I am actually pretty excited about the possibilities of what a great day I can experience when my ‘to-do’ list includes things that are just silly and fun and very out of the ordinary!

I am curious about how I will feel at the end of the day when I have checked off so many enjoyable tasks and realize that today – I completed activities that REALLY matter in my life. You know what I mean? Things like taking a moment to delight in the space around me, relaxing and recharging doing something that refreshes me, playing as a child – if even for a moment! I am actually feeling a bit giddy right now, just thinking about adding (and doing) these ‘important’ details!

I know we each have just 24 hours in each day and I also know that some days it seems we are robbed of several hours and apparently accomplish little of what we intend. What will it be like when, at the end of our days on this good earth, when all we have checked off our list is pick up cat food, call the heating and air guy, pay bills…

I don’t want that to be what really mattered to me…… you?