Monica J. Griffith

Here is the neat thing about life – we get a lot of ‘second chances’! We have so many opportunities to ‘Do-Over’ and make the pictures look just exactly as we want to remember.

Now, that is not to say it is easy to refocus; nevertheless, it is possible! I love the way I can just hit the ‘delete’ button if the picture I take is blurry or didn’t capture exactly what I hoped. I don’t know if you remember the good-ole-days when you had to shoot an entire roll of film and then take it to the camera shop, wait a week for it to be developed and then look at what you thought you captured! I remember! And I was so excited when Polaroid came out with the instant developing camera. I thought we had just the best way to take photos. Silly me! Now, I have a ‘smart phone’ that I can instantly see and keep, share or delete.

And, life is a lot like that! When I am paying attention (focused) to what is right before me, I can see if I am doing what is important. More so, I know if I am being who I said I would be! That is really essential to me. When I am living as I intend, that means I am making a difference to those around me. Isn’t it just the best when you know that just by being present to what is meaningful and central in your life, you are making a difference! My intentions are: To be a Masterful Coach, To be a Loving Family Member, To be a Contribution to my Community, To be Spiritually Developing. Who is it that YOU intend to be?

What does it mean to really look (capture) at where I am and see who I am being? For me, it is taking time to pause and breathe and see from the 10,000 ft level. That is, to see not only the trees in the forest, but also the forest itself. What are the feeders that extend elsewhere from me? Where else – or who else – might be impacted as I live my life? Are the words I am using or actions I am taking having the impression and leaving the picture I desire? Will the image I leave behind reflect the high-quality evidence of someone who lived a life of wonder and joy? Check my Life’s Intentions – – is this evidence that I am the best I can be at this moment in time?

In life, we cannot just delete that fuzzy and out of focus picture. Don’t you wish sometimes we could just wave a magic wand and the bad or not so perfect things would just vanish? I know I do! What we can do is really look at those moments – those negatives – and learn from them. That is to shift and develop new or better ways to be. Yes, this takes a bit of thought, energy and self-reflection! And it is time very well invested in who you are willing to be. You know, if you never made a mistake, you would never learn and grow! Remember that each time you fall and then get up is the same as when you fail and then succeed. What if you embrace the negatives as an opening to a new and brighter affirmative? What would that be like!

The best part of life…every moment is a chance to take another shot – to do over! And you never know what is going to be in front of you in that next moment. All we need to do is to be willing to get out of our own way, because most often I have found that I am my own worst critic of the picture I took. I frequently want another chance to do better, to become more clear, to improve on the impression. And, lucky for me (and for you), life presents this opening for us each moment of each day. How great is that!

So, take your best shot – – and know that not only is tomorrow another day, but with every breath you take, you get another chance to ‘do-over’ and instantly see and keep, share or delete.