Monica J. Griffith

Hey You 071816

Do you sometimes wish there was someone who could wave a magic wand and everything would be fixed – just the way you want?

Have you ever wondered who was ‘out there’ to walk with you through your problem?

I have found there are many, many people I know who would be honored to support me when I am facing one challenge or another; however, I feel I don’t want to ‘burden’ them. I don’t want them to know my struggles. I fear they might think less of me for not being able to solve whatever is ailing me. It’s hard to ask for help…

Does this sound familiar to you?

And yet, when someone does ask me for support, for ideas, for another perspective – well, I am honored to be asked! I think they value my opinion. They trust me! What a privilege to be able to walk with another through their life’s journey!

Interesting – I like to support others, yet I fail to give others the opportunity to support me! This seems somewhat selfish of me.

What if, when someone asks: Are you okay? you respond: I’m okay, and I could use some support (advice, guidance, a shoulder, an opinion…) from you. What would that be like? Think about it. When you ask if someone is okay don’t you already have an idea that something might be wrong? Aren’t you already willing to listen, or help? I know I am!

So, what if – just maybe – they are noticing something in you in which they would like to lend a hand? Are you willing to allow them the privilege of facing your problems with you?