Monica J. Griffith

Has it Really Been One Year 080716

One year ago today, I closed the door on a life in California. This was the Facebook post as we drove away from our home of 25 years. It was difficult to leave wonderful neighbors, long time friends, easy day trips to the San Francisco coast and wine country and Lake Tahoe. Saying good-bye has never been easy for me, yet I continually look forward to new beginnings and am curious where the road may take me.

We loaded the CRV with our three cats, some plants and enough clothes to make it several weeks until our new home was ready. My sisters travelled in my little Fit – with every nook and cranny packed with things we would need as we planned our hotel time for about 3 weeks. We were on an adventure from Orangevale, California, to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I recall some conversations we had along the way – a few regrets about not visiting the ‘Bay’ one more time, wishing we had stocked up on our favorite wines from our favorite winery in wine country and already missing the wonderful apple turnovers from High Hill Orchard in Apple Hill Country. We also laughed at memories of our wonderful dinner parties on the patio and in our pool with our ‘gang’ – and paused for a moment of sadness with the passing of several close friends. There were the work friends and incredible neighbors we left behind, promising to stay in touch (we’ve done pretty well at that part!). So many wonderful memories…

And then – after many driving hours and an interesting over night with 3 cats in a hotel room – we arrived in Colorado Springs! Our new home! Still waiting for our house to close escrow, we hunkered down in an Extended Stay with our fur babies.

What are your memories of closing the book or door on one of life’s wonderful experiences? How have you grown since then? Did you ever imagine the journey your life would take? Was it all planned and went exactly as you expected? What does: The best is yet to come? mean to you?

When someone asks me how we like living in Colorado – my typical response is: I’m livin’ the dream! And you know what? I was livin’ the dream in California, too! How great is it that wherever I am – – I live my dream!

After all…isn’t that what living is all about!
Colorado 080716