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Letting go is sometimes one of the most challenging actions I take. And yet, when I find that heavy feeling – you know, the one that seems to drag you down – I look to see what I am holding and the weight. I look for what I am holding that is out of my control to change. It is very interesting that those things I cannot control have such control over me! I am thinking about that person who seems to always have a criticism, or the person who sees (and shares) only what is wrong, or the one who is constantly looking for gossip. No, I cannot change these things in these people; nevertheless, I can let go – walk away – and gravitate to the people who fill my world with wonder! How about you? Are there something’s you need to let go of…walk away from? Take a look!! Who or what can you bring forth into your life, right now, who will fill your world? My guess is – you will also fill theirs!

How many times have you been stopped by a “but”?  Just think about it for a moment! How many times have you been travelling through your life’s journey and used that little word: but? I would, but — I could, but — Yeah, but —

I find it so interesting that people have such great ideas – they are often times fully able to express their  wants, dreams, goals and desires, but — something always pops up to deter them from their journey.

Three little letters, strung together to create such a powerful force! Amazing!

Think about how many times you have been on your way to a goal – a dream that has not yet become a reality.  Was there a moment when ‘but’ popped up to distract you?  How satisfying – how fulfilling was that?  Do you recall that experience?

In my life, but has been the precursor to “here comes an excuse.”  Let me give you an example:  I planned to exercise this morning before work, but I had a really tough day yesterday: excuse for 20 minutes more sleep.

What if you consciously replaced that ‘but’ with another little three letter word – “and”?  What would that be like?  Here is what happened for me just tonight: I planned to fine-tune an article tonight, but … no, wait … AND I am willing to spend 10 minutes on the article before television time. The article is ready and I am one article closer to one of my goals!

You try it! Become aware; make this your mission for the next three days: become conscious of each time you use the word ‘but’ – replace it with ‘and’ – see the results! It is quite a challenge to make an excuse when you precede it with ‘and’!

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