Monica J. Griffith

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Letting go is sometimes one of the most challenging actions I take. And yet, when I find that heavy feeling – you know, the one that seems to drag you down – I look to see what I am holding and the weight. I look for what I am holding that is out of my control to change. It is very interesting that those things I cannot control have such control over me! I am thinking about that person who seems to always have a criticism, or the person who sees (and shares) only what is wrong, or the one who is constantly looking for gossip. No, I cannot change these things in these people; nevertheless, I can let go – walk away – and gravitate to the people who fill my world with wonder! How about you? Are there something’s you need to let go of…walk away from? Take a look!! Who or what can you bring forth into your life, right now, who will fill your world? My guess is – you will also fill theirs!