Monica J. Griffith

Just 15 Minutes 02022016

Are you guilty of being there for everyone else and not being there for you? And then, settling for the leftovers – whatever time or energy is remaining to meet your needs? If this is familiar to you, you might hear yourself saying things like: I’m a people person; I like to be sure the kids (my spouse, my family, my co-workers…) are happy; I really don’t need anything; I just want to keep the peace; when my kids are out of school (the house, have a job, are settled…); I’m really good on 5 hours sleep; and so on. Sound familiar?

You see, here is the thing about this – – – you may be drowning and not even realize it until it’s nearly too late to come up for air! When this happens, what people sometimes experience is resentment, bitterness, anger, frustration, resignation. These feelings are held in until, at some point, they burst. Then, because this is ‘so not like you’ – you go around picking up the pieces, putting everything back the way it was. You step back into what is ‘familiar’, even though it does not meet YOUR needs. And the cycle continues.

What if – stay with me on this – what IF you shifted the focus of your attention to one thing – just one – that will keep you on course? On course to fulfilling a goal, a dream or desire. What would that be like? And – this one thing – it does not even need to be something big! What if, all you really want right now is to have 15 minutes to yourself each day to journal, or rewrite your recipes, or sort the tools in the garage or hit the snooze button just one time?

Right now – BREATHE!!!! All is well!

I invite you to take a moment now – as you are reading this – and look. Look as if looking in a mirror. Look deeply to yourself and ask this question: Would it be okay if life got easier? Yes? Yes! Are you willing? Yes? Yes! Breathe…

Now, what are you willing to do – because nothing happens until you act. And, that action is a small, sweet step of dropping the anchor and beginning your journey. Remember…just 15 minutes each day! That is what it takes to begin.

Happy sailing!