Monica J. Griffith

I Think I Can 04262016

Do you remember the story The Little Engine that Could?

It is a wonderful tale of a little engine who was the last hope to pull a train over the mountain – a train full of toys and good things to eat for little boys and girls. Do you recall how the Little Engine said she was ‘not very big’ and ‘used only for switching trains in the yard’ and had ‘never been over the mountain’? All the reasons she was not the engine for the job.

And yet, if she didn’t try, she would never know and the children would be without the good food and fun toys.

She hitched herself to the train, she said over and over: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! She tugged and pulled and she pulled and tugged. Then ever so slowly the train began to move. She puffed and chugged always saying: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Then faster and faster she went – finally reaching the top of the mountain! And down the train travelled – arriving at the city on the other side of the mountain. She delighted the boys and girls with wonderful food and dolls and toys. The Little Engine then seemed to smile and say: I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could!

Why share this story with you?

How often have you been faced with a challenge, and obstacle or a new adventure and you quickly identified reasons why you were not right or ready for the task? Isn’t it interesting how hastily you can pinpoint all the reasons something won’t work?

And yet – all that we desire is just on the other side of the mountain!

What does it take for us to hitch up to our dreams and goals – to tug and pull and pull and tug?

Will you allow yourself the privilege of believing you can? I believe in you and in your dreams and in your goals. Like the toys who cheered and encouraged the Little Engine – I am here, encouraging, supporting and partnering with you as you travel over your mountain.

Together, we can put your train on the right track. We will hitch your dreams and goals to an action-plan engine. You will move forward – slowly at first, gaining momentum to boost you over the top. You will realize the joy of achieving what you once thought unattainable.

I know you can…I know you can…I know you can! The question is – Do You Believe?