Monica J. Griffith

Leap Day 02292016

TODAY only comes once in four years – so make today, February 29, 2016, extra special!

IF today is your birthday – the Happiest of Birthday Celebrations to You!!

Thinking about today – I realize I won’t be writing another Leap Day article for four years! I wonder what it will be like, in four years, when this day comes again. What will I have accomplished and contributed to myself, to my family, to my clients…in the world? This one gives me pause to think.

And yet, why should today be different from any other day? Why do I think today what my footprint will be in four years – and not consider the question: What is my footprint today, and every day? What if today was ‘it’! The last day I had to make that contribution or accomplishment? Would I do things differently?

Let today – Leap Day, 2016 – be THE day you begin and end each day with the question: What footprint did I leave on my family, my clients, my world today?

Let’s leap into the remainder of 2016 with a fresh look at what is right in front of us today, and how we can influence our tomorrows. Delight in the ‘extra’ day this year and make the most of the gift of life we have been given.

Happy Leap Day – Happy Life!