Monica J. Griffith

There are times when I seem to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I don’t understand why these things continue to happen to me. Or what is getting in the way of my success. I feel out of sync with who I think I am – or who I am trying to become.

Does that ever happen to you?

I have a wonderful little ‘pity-party’ – – but that doesn’t seem to help. At least not for very long! So, I mope around for a bit and then finally it hits me: I’m encased with ‘stuff’ that is no longer serving me. The weight of the world that I am feeling is really ideas, beliefs, people or practices from my previous life experiences which are no longer relevant!

Why do we hang on to all that has-been? You know what I mean – – when we do what we’ve always done, the saying goes, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten!

Is it possible for me to release this stuff that is no longer serving my needs, wants and desires? What if I did that? How would that be?

Let’s look at a few things we can let go!

That stack of business cards from networking events … for people I will likely never call, our businesses do not mesh.

The books and magazines on my shelf I will never read.

The clothes in my closet that no longer fit and are out of style. The shoes that are scuffed and worn.

The fear of picking up the phone to make a coffee date with someone I’d like to get to know or who may be a business connection – possibly a new client!

The trinkets that I continually need to dust around – and can’t even remember where they came from or why they were once important!

Here is what I am willing to let go: the guilt I feel – the fear of change – the excuses – the justification – the misplaced rational.

And for what, then, have I room in my life? Space! I have opened a place to fill with the freedom and opportunity to assert my personal identity and fulfill my personal needs!

Once I engage the courage to let go – I create the possibilities of wonderment of what is yet to come!

What is it that you see would open that space for you? What are you willing to let go? Start small – with things you see in front of you and then experience the freedom and openness of where you are.

Next, choose something a bit larger to let go. Notice the breathing room you create in your life! The weight is shifted and all is well! Celebrate each letting go.

Shift the focus of your attention to the open freedom and anticipation of better things to come!