Monica J. Griffith

Cyber Monday 113015 V.2

I have just spent over an hour deleting emails for ‘Cyber Monday’! I delight now to take a moment to step away from all the screaming sales and chat with you!

I find it disturbing, all the noise around saving money, saving time, pick my store, buy between 1:04 a.m. and 3:07 a.m. for the best deals. Ah, it goes on and on!

What interests me is this – IF stores and on-line can afford to slash their prices so much in these few hours – to lure us into buying, why can’t they reduce their prices to sell as much during the remaining 310 days of the year? Sorry, I just don’t get it!

And why do we wait until they have blasted us for the 45 or so days leading to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to patronize their stores or websites? Have we empowered the commercial market to entice us in this way? Or – have they brainwashed us by these few extraordinary shopping ‘savings’ to draw us into something more? I know not which it is!

Here are the questions I ask myself as I peruse the magnitude of screaming sales…IF you are tempted to make this purchase, Coach, would you purchase it if it were not on sale? IF you decide to release your dollars to the sales person, are you making an investment? Is this a ‘want’ or a ‘need’? Set it down – walk around – go back to it. Now that my mind is quiet, I can take another look to see the answers to my questions: Yes, I would make this purchase if it weren’t on sale. Or, no, the only reason I am considering it is because of the price. Yes, it is an investment (you can answer this even it if is a gift – you may be investing in love, friendship, support, etc.). Or, no, I don’t see the value-added in this purchase. Yes, it is a ‘want’ (or ‘need’). Or I’m not really sure which it is. Finally, is this purchase an instant gratification or something that will bring joy long past the season?

Will I buy on this Cyber Monday? Perhaps, perhaps not! I do know that what I choose to spend my money energy on will be without later regrets, with a quiet mind and without anyone or any ads screaming at me.

I encourage you to step away, get some air, quiet your mind.
In doing so, I hope your Cyber Monday will be as peaceful and joyful as mine.