Monica J. Griffith

Cheers to the New Year 123115

As I bid a fond farewell to 2015, I’d like to let go of the fears, anxious moments, sorrow and disappointments. I know I had many of these, as I reflect on 2015 and yet, I feel so much stronger and wiser. Is it in spite of these or because of them? I am really not sure; nevertheless, I welcome the knowledge that I have moved through what has caused me regrets and have come into my ‘today’. Oh, I don’t mean to sound that 2015 was entirely a place without light – far from it! That, however, is what I choose to let go of and not carry with me into the New Year.

And to embrace all that awaits…oh that is what I look forward to!

What about you? Are you ready to let go of what may have been holding you back, that which may have been the obstacles to fulfilling your dreams and goals?

What if…what if you resolved today to allow those worries and that weight to take their rightful place – in the past? What would that be like? What will it be like when the only reference to the fears, anxious moments, sorrow and disappointments is with gratitude for how you have grown from them? How will this strength and wisdom serve you in your ‘today’ and the many, many tomorrows yet to come?

What if…what if you surround yourself with what tomorrow really looks like, for you, as you live the life you’ll love to live? Embrace it – snuggle up with it – invest in it!

And, what if you have someone who is fully invested in it with you – to stand by your side, supporting you and your dreams – what would that be like?

If this sounds like a great place to start your New Year, I would be honored if you would allow me the privilege of supporting you in your journey.

Here is to letting go and embracing what is yet to be! Cheers to the New Year!