Monica J. Griffith

Summer leaves fall 092913

Oh it’s that wonderful time of year when Mother Earth slows for just a moment to show-off her radiance! The green leaves of summer, which shielded us from the glaring sun, now resemble a box of crayons from childhood. Our gentle giants no longer have colors of mountain meadow or jungle green, rather they boast tips of sunset orange and crisp magenta and goldenrod and orange red. The worn trunks desperate attempt to hold-fast to the grandeur of color is virtually impossible. The once pliable leaves that held-fast in the summer breeze and cupped the gentle rains of summer have become brittle and crumbly. As the blustery winds of autumn carry the tree’s dressing to earth’s floor, all that remains are elongated structures raising ever reaching boughs – open to and welcoming the change of seasons that is upon them.
I like to take pause, during this transition from summer into autumn. Pause, as do the leaves before they fall to earth’s floor; a moment to reflect on the blessings and joys of a summer now past; an unhurried time to breathe in the cool crisp air and refresh my soul; a time to anticipate what is to come; somethings unknown – many yet unplanned.
It is a wonderful time of year when Mother Earth slows for just a moment – – – as shall I.