Monica J. Griffith

Perfect Ride

I love trains! When I ride a train, I am taken back to a simpler time, one with an effortless melodic rhythm that gives me the experience that all is right in the world. How often has your experience been one of the soothing rocking of the train…rolling along the countryside…destination planned by the track on which you ride? Well planned, with the track switches happening at the exact moment to maintain your destination at the exact interval needed to avoid collision or derailment? If yours is that perfect ride – then I applaud you! For most, in our life’s journey, we head out of the station in the right car, on the right track and then…somewhere in our journey – the conductor comes through with the news that the engineer has lost his way! The whistle blows and sometimes, the brakes engage with a screeching sound that causes us to wake-up and take notice! Our ride could be slowed to a complete stop – or – could be moving forward (or back) at break-neck speed. It is up to you to take over the job of engineer…to take control of your ride. Many of us are ill-equipped do this – we need the conductor to support our journey and support us along the way. Is your ride in jeopardy or going off-course? If so, reach out to someone who can help you get back on track. Life can be a delightful journey…I love trains!