Monica J. Griffith

The Amazing You 120813

I just want to check in with you tonight…….how are you? Are you doing okay? Has someone told you today, just how special you are?

So many people, particularly at this time of year, are spending a good deal of energy on others and perhaps, not taking such good care of themselves. Maybe you are shopping or baking or wrapping or cleaning. Perhaps everyone is planning to come to your house this holiday and you are working on repairs or sprucing up the house a bit. Maybe you are working extra shifts to make a bit more money to buy that special gift. Are you in school and preparing for mid-term finals? Is this the time when you and your ‘ex’ find yourselves arguing about who gets the kids…or who is going to get them that special gift? Has it been a challenging year with a loss of a job or perhaps an incapacitating injury and there is no money for the holiday this year? Are you alone for the first holiday – maybe a difficult break-up; maybe a death of a loved one…

What is before you tonight?

I know – I hear you – I care – Breathe………

Would you just sit with me for a minute – just for a little bit?
Would you allow me to care for you?
You are a wonderful person. You are all you need to be, right here and right now.
Take a moment, please.

Close your eyes; see the incredible person you are; see the hero – how courageous you are; embrace this moment and allow yourself just a moment – this moment – to know that you do matter.
Breathe in this moment – my gift to you – accept and welcome the amazing, special you! All is well.